Friday, March 5, 2010

Posting on Cage Building Soon ....

I am sorry to take so long in answering about how we built our cage system, but my computer fried like an egg in the hot Arizona sun and I lost alot of the info I had written down.

Thank-you for your patience. I will try to get it done over the week-end. Enjoy your rabbits!


Isaiah said...

I really like your website. Very informative! I was wondering if you keep the litter with the mother until you sell them or do you have a separate pen for them once they get to old? I was just wondering because I really like the looks of you cages and am wondering if I can count on having enough room for my does and their litter to all be in the same type of cage until the are big enough to be fryers. Thanks for all the information!

Isaiah Korthanke
Robinson, KS

Sunny said...

Isaiah, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the comments. We typically remove the babies from the mothers at 4 1/2 wks of age as we breed the moms back to kindle 6 wks from date of last kindling, in other words two weeks after they kindle they are bred back. This gives about 10- 12 days rest for the mom. There is no reason to remove the babies if you are not doing this intense of breeding. They may start fighting at 10-12 weeks of age though, or there may not be enough room for all of them. They may need more room to grow properly. Wishing you the best with your rabbits. Stop back anytime. (tried to email you but no address came up :)