Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rabbit truck day

Once every 2 weeks the rabbit truck comes through our area to pick up live fryer size rabbits to go to the processing plant. We had 62 to go this time , down from our usual avg of about 100. But as you can see in the finished 4th row there will be plenty the next 2 trips.

Hubby loads up the rabbits, picking them up by the loose fur behind the neck and shoulders.

Some that don't "feel" as though they have quite enough growth yet will have to be weighed. The fryers have to be 4 3/4 to 5 3/4 #'s. This one did not go.

Neighbor, Taylor, is learning about the rabbits and how to handle them.

He puts them gently into the transport cage.

Not too many.... on winter days 10 to a cage, and warm days 8 or less.

All loaded up and ready to go....

The recieving farm is only 14 miles away and from there the rabbits are loaded on a straight truck with ones from other rabbit growers. The driver weighs our rabbits in a large "basket" and gives us a ticket with the total weight. Payment is recieved after they arrive at the plant.

At home the empty pens are scrubbed and sterilized before being put into use again. They don't stay empty long..... there are always more bunnies needing to be weaned, as the does will be having their next litter soon and need a rest first. And the cycle begins all over again ...........