Monday, March 22, 2010

Rabbit-pen wire

Some have asked for sizes of our rabbit pens, how to build and what size wire we used. So I have tried to answer this to the best of my ability.

We order our wire from Klubertanz in Wisconson. You can view their catalog online by clicking on their name.

Hubby makes a double row of cages using two 14' lengths of 1" x 1/2" by 30" back to back, laid flat. Where these make a seam you attach a length of 18" x 1"x 2" with babysaver wire (4' deep) at the bottom to form a common back (cut in whatever length you are working with; we did 14' sections to make a double 7 hole run.) The sides, made from 1"x2"x 18" with babysaver wire at the one edge, are cut 30" front to back. The front wire is one piece, from 1"x2"x 24" bent at an angle with 14" being on the slant and 10" the very front.

Slant front has a hole cut out of 10"x16". The doors then are 14' long by 20" wide, hinged at the topseam, so they can lay back over the pen, and covering the hole and overlapping the sides of the opening, fastened with a spring fastener on the edge toward you. The top is 36" wide and covers both back to back cages ; each cage top being 18" front to back. Our cages are hung from the ceiling with fencing wire (can't remember the gage)

Now..... I add a disclaimer; Any information given here-in is correct to the best of my knowledge, however I will not be responsible for any mis-information. In other words, make sure to do your own math :)

I hope this post is helpful to those who are looking to build a rabbitry of more than hobby size..


Dar said...

WoW!! You weren't kidding about being in the commercial rabbit business. What a huge,huge undertaking. So, do you do all of the butchering also or do they go down the road for that part? My husband used to raise rabbits for the local grocers when he was in high school. I have to show him your operation. He will just love to see this.
You go girl.

Sunny said...

Hi Dar, they go to the truck live. Wedon't have to process them. But we do have some ourselves form time to time. Rabbit meat is on of the healthiest meats to eat, as I am sure your hubby will agree...