Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Windows Completed in the Rabbit Barn

Hubby had lots of help getting the windows finished up in the rabbit barn. They are hinged at the top and tip outward, allowing for fresh air flow, light, and protection from the elements.

Daughter was a big help getting the curtain material stretched and fastened to the window frames.

There are 4 windows along the east side and 2 on the west.

This is what it looks like on the inside.

This about completes the rabbit barn upgrade. We will put another single row of pens on this side of the barn 6-8' from the wall, making a total of 176 holes (pens) This has been an on-going transformation, from a cattle barn to a proper set-up for commercial rabbit production.

I appreciate my husband's dedication to this project and the opportunity to be able to keep working with animals that benefit not just ourselves but a whole generation of people. There are strict guidelines to follow in order to sell to the medical research community, and medical research is important if we are to find new cures and treatments for diseases.


Rose said...

Looks like you had the right kind of "help" there on the ladders! And kuddos to you both for the job you are doing to help in medical research!

Libby said...

I like your cages. Can you tell me how yo made them? What size the wire (Rolls)are How big the cages are. I like the fronts. Do you have fans in the barn? We just started rasing rabbits we have about 50 does. Thanks John anderson