Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quieter times

Sometimes I just like to go to the barn and enjoy watching the rabbits eat

....especially when I take them a green leaf. There is something about them munching it down that makes me smile.

Oh! so you think you would like some too? I guess a little taste won't hurt you.

"Move over, brother, quit crowding... save some for me please?"
I don't give the young ones much , just a taste.

This is the quieter, slower time of year for rabbit raisers in the mid-southern states. Breeding has stopped for now. This is the time for cleaning , repairs and changes. Mostly we are cleaning the barn and pens, getting the window covers made for cooler weather, organizing rabbits in the order we want them, making sure the does are gaining in condition, and gearing up for breeding to start again this fall.


Rose said...

Every bunny loves some bunny. :-) They are cute.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "you're no-bunny til some- bunny loves you, you're no -bunny til some-bunny cares"