Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bunny Barometer

I can usually almost tell the temp in the rabbit barn by the way the bunnies are acting....

1. Does sporadically hopping around - under 80*

2. Bunnies sporadically jumping around and over each other - up to 85*

3. Rabbits up and eating - up to 90*

3. Resting quietly -up to 95*

4. Laying down sprauled out - over 95*

5. Panting , nose in air - pushing 100*

The fans and insulation are keeping it cooler this year, but the humidity is what gets to them. This morning was almost 90* outside and a cool 81* inside the barn. Fans are going to keep air moving and humidity down. Bunnies are spaced to 4-5 to a pen where possible, instead of the 8 per pen in cooler weather. Another 6 weeks and we will be through the worst of it. We have decided to stop breeding does until at least mid-August, and then depending on the weather. Heat and humidity can take a toll on does trying to give birth.

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