Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is what can happen.......

........ when you don't follow proper procedures or use common sense.
Actually this is after 4 days of healing; it had been much worse. This one got me good and I had to run to the house to get it, and other bad scratches, bandaged before I could go back out and finish. It just would not stop bleeding. Thankfully, we both had had life-time tetanus shots.
I "most" always wear at least long sleeves ( can't stand gloves) when loading fryers to go to market. This day was hot (95*) and muggy and I was only moving a few jr. does into new cages to space them out. Should have known better. Common sense should have told me they , like humans, don't like messed with either, when it is so hot, and I should have had them seperated a week ago, before the heat hit so hard. But, there I was, at the hottest part of the day.... you get the picture.
So.... new rules for this rabbitry ....
1. I don't care how hot it is, always wear long sleeves when moving rabbits.
2. Whenever possible, move rabbits early in the day.
3. Plan ahead (thats a no-brainer! and not actually a new rule.... just a forgotten one)
On the up-side, one of the new jr.does had her 1st litter today! Came through it just fine, with 8 nice fat little babies!


Rose said...

I have been trying to walk Maggie before it gets too hot too. Tonight not cooling down much, so we probably won't get our evening walk in. Besides, the mosquitos are bad this year, and when we walk too late I'm fighting them off. (I hate the sprays.)

Penny said...

Yikes! That's a big owie!! I hope that has healed without further problems!!