Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Free Lunch .....

It is time for the does to start back to work ....... yes sirree! No free lunch here. We have just finished cleaning 2 double rows of cages and getting the does all back in order according to age and bloodlines.
We have 47 does that have kindled before(after weeding out the older ones or any with health issues such as mastitus, that were not going to be profitable for the next year)
46 jr replacement and expansion does .......
We are currently running 11 bucks, 2 of which are older and may be replaced. We have room for 12 total. Their pens are lined on the sides and back with a washable material. Keeps them so much cleaner.

I am going to add a counter and keep track of the rabbit harvest this year starting with the first litter which is due to be born mid Sept. I wish I had done it earlier. These first ones won't be ready until the first run in Dec. We still have 180 - 200 this years bunnies who will be going in the next month.

I do know that the last 4 times we sent rabbits the numbers have been 103, 97, 47, and this week 83 again, all 2 weeks apart. Of course I have records here, but no sense going backward when you can go forward, right?

Are any of you breeding your rabbits yet, and how soon do you re-breed after that litter is born?
I would like to be in contact with others who are raising meat rabbits commercially as well as back-yard rabbit raisers. We welcome any and all comments. Thanks for visiting my blog


Chicken Momma said...

We're just starting as backyard rabbit breeders. We are only breeding for our own freezer at this point. But I love your blog and reading about your rabbits. Our does have only been bred once so far. In fact, I'm getting ready to breed them tonight so I can get one more in before winter. (I'm in Michigan)

Rose said...

Can't wait to see the setup you have. Uncle Bill was raving about it this last week!!