Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rabbit-barn Remodeling and Expansion Project

Work on the rabbit barn remodeling and expansion project has been at a steady pace for the last few weeks.We were blessed with several hours of help from a few friends with the heavy stuff such as reinforcing ceiling rafters. Then, insulation was put up on the ceiling.

Next came the coarse grade gravel to level up the floor and add drainage, then topped with "1/4 down" for added drainage in addition to making it a wonderful surface to walk on. The floor renovation was done with the help of one of husband's best friends, "BobThis is "Bob"

This is the new style cage units being built with slant fronts, making it much easier to reach in after the doe or bunnies. It also makes cage cleaning easier. The new units are being built "double-wide". New neighbor Thomas in the background came over to help cut wire and hang the units. In 8 days, 64 new cages have been built.
All this activity 'cause, "We're getting really crowded in here........"


Tina. said...

How cute, wonderful blog and love the new "pet"! Fun to feed! Tell Phillip nice to meet his friend, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow you raise rabbits too? I wish I could raise some for meat. As soon as I get some hutches I plan to get a buck and 2 does to keep me supplied with rabbit meat.

Sunny said...

Amy, I am sure you will enjoy the animals ... and the meat!

Anonymous said...

how big is your barn? How many cages and breeding does do you have? We have rabbitry and we have about 50 rabbits, mostly meat, some show. We are going to get a 100+ doe meat rabbitry.