Monday, January 24, 2011

Improvements; and the Fun part of raising Rabbits

The cupboard is all painted and finished (Great job, Hubby!!) Pallets underneath hold the sprayer and buckets we need for weighing and keeping big wash brushes handy. Cleaned nest boxes ready for another litter on a pallet stacked beside the cupboard.

Coffee cans and large yogurt contaiers hold extra hair that does have pulled, in case a mother doesn't pull enough to keep her babies warm. Also spray for ear mites, blood-stop powder, eye wash, wheat germ oil dispenser, record cards and pens, snack baggies to put record cards in, scissors, calf manna pellets for new mamas, and germ-x hand cleaner.

Underneath, nails hold the most used tools, nail clippers, wide putty blade for scraping nest boxes, and barbeque wire brushes; the best for cleaning cages.
Across the isle, my used-to-be dairy weigh scale, with bucket; for weighing fryers at harvest time.


Now for the fun part......
Brand new newborns... she had a good litter of 9
... and here is a 2 wk old, just waking up to the world!

Content for now, but not for long.....

These are about 3 wks and getting ready to leave the nest

At naptime they are so cute, some all lined up in a row

These no longer need a nest box, but still grab a snack from Mama

Sometimes a song comes to mind as I watch these little fur-babies!
Do you want to know a secret?
Do you promise not to tell?
Let me whisper in your ear..
Things I know you want to hear..
I'm in love with you!"

"Takin a Dive"
I am glad to be able to have fun with my work :) Is your work this much fun?
It takes a special personality to be able to raise meat animals and then be able to part with them when the time comes.
Speaking of which, the rabbit truck runs this afternoon and I will be parting with about 50 of them. Two weeks from now it will be up to about 80. Meanwhile I have bunnies to wean from their mamas, who will be giving birth again in about another week.
Have fun with your rabbits!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to bloggin' 'bout the Bunnies

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better .....
Hubby builds a cupboard in the barn for my rabbit supplies.

He does a fantastic job!
Under that he has fashioned a work bench.....
at just the right height for me.
So the whole work area looks like this....
The bench will come in handy for scraping nest boxes, or set a rabbit on for examining or treatment, and there is room underneath for my fly-sprayer and my bucket I use for weighing fryers.
He's so clever. I appreciate all he does to make the work easier for me!